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Somi Patel

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Oct 29, 2015

Hi I am a mother of 27days old daughter. She fall asleep while feeding and then as I try to rest her on bed she wakes up and started crying, again I have to feed her. What to do so that she sleep well.

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Ramya Sundaram

| Nov 01, 2015

After you placs the baby on bed do not remove your hands immediately. Gently rock her body for sometime.

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hetal nandaniya

| Oct 29, 2015

This is same with my baby. Wt I do is, I feed him in 2 different positions. That is first I feed him on my lap and than I rest him on bed. And as he started crying on bed I sleep besides him and again feed him in lying position. And he go to sleep within 5 minutes. Hope this helps to yo baby.

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Swathi Rao

| Oct 29, 2015

Hi somi,, It's very common for babies to sleep while feeding. try scratching very lightly on her feet so that she wakes up N could have milk. make sure u feed her at least for 15 mins. And most important do not lie her immediately after feeding. Carry her on ur shoulder and tap lightly at her back till she gives a burp. only then put her to sleep

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Ravikantha Rao

| Oct 29, 2015

Hi i too faced the same problem... A suggestion was given by mom, that little ones like the warmth hence they sleep so wrap with warm lengthy towel or similar type material feed the kid and then make them to sleep in cradle they will sleep... little ones do look out for warmth... if possible try talking to her she will start looking and finally she will fall fairy sweet sleep.. i did the same and sleept... one more thing give her nice warm water bath and then feed she will have good sleep...

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