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Jan 09, 2017

My Son is about to complete 5 years . He is very friendly with everyone. He calls everyone and likes to be friend with anyone. Even if other kids of his age don't talk to him or respond ,he always keeps calling them. Sometimes I do feel bad for him,becoz a child at this age is very innocent and does not know who he is responding and not. and even I dnt want to teach him to behave rudely ..but am confused as to how make him understand that we should not always nag people and force them to talk to us.. plz suggest

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Shikha Batra

| Jan 10, 2017

hi Triveni! I believe u r blessed to have such a social and friendly child . please let him be and learn himself to deal with all types of personalities. i understand your concern as a parent but sometimes when we guide our children they get too dependent on us and loose their self confidence. for him to lead in life, let him choose his own path and emerge out as a confident person. having said that , please ensure he is always in a good company. hope this helps!!

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Aqsa Shaikh

| Jan 09, 2017

Hello Triveni, there s same problem with my child too.... He s also 5 years old.. He is very friendly to everyone ,even with them who don't want to talk to him or not interested. .. I do one thing for him is that I engage him or divert him to the one friend who is close nd friendly to him... that's it .We J's don't teach them to b rude to anyone.

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