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Children with eczema - atopic dermatitis

Sumanth Reddy

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Oct 07, 2015

Wish to know how parents are coping with it. Also share any specific ideas to overcome this issue

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Sumanth Reddy

| Oct 12, 2015

Thanks for the suggestion. My daughter is taking homeopathy treatment Her Ige levels are high hence, the flare ups are often We have also tried to identify the triggers by changing her diet. I am told that these allergies reduce with age.

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Sneha Kotak

| Oct 12, 2015

Hi Sumanth... Atopic dermatitis in kids can be due to several reasons of which allergies, genetic tendencies,and family history play an important role. It can become chronic if not taken appropriate care at an early age. I would suggest you to start your kid with Homoeopathy which will not only take care of his tendencies and present condition but will also halt the further progress of the condition and ensure that the child is free of his suffering and its consequences forever. you can get in touch with any local homoeopath or feel free to contact me at 9867431953 or drsneha231@yahoo. com

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi Sumanth, recently my son(almost 2 years old) got treatment for this atopic dermatitis. His skin is very dry and few days back he got very dry rashes on all over his back and tummy. Dermotologist prescribed him a mild cleanser for bathing, a moisturising lotion (cetaphil restoraderm) and an ointment cream called elocon(which we used last year also for some sort of eczema on his face). These worked wonders and all rashes gone in just 2 days. You may also consult a dermatologist.

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