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Misty Clark

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Oct 01, 2015

I have three kids of my own and they range in different ages. From14-8 month. My oldest child has behavior problems and the middle child has Cmv and does not have a vocabulary and the youngest, she is just a diva Lol I work at McDonalds and have been for about 15 years . the crazy thing is that I have a dental assistant degree and I am afraid the fact I don't want to fell at some things else and my kids go with out . I refuse to be selfish. Does any one else ever feel this way (well similar). Thanks for your time

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| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Misty, the fact that you are their mother, makes you the best person to be their mother. And a mother refusing to be selfish is the best mother. And yes, all moms, if not all the time, most of the time feel like you. So, enjoy your parenting. You are the best!

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| Oct 01, 2015

Misty, isn't it awesome, the expressions a child can get out of a parent.... it's out of the world. Loved reading this. Thanks for sharing.

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