Cloth diaper -to buy or not

Sweta Jain

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Dec 05, 2015

Is there any one using cloth diapers. If yes, are they cheaper in long run. what are its pros n cons. Shall we be dependent only on cloth diapers. how many to buy as to start with and what type. pls suggest

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sweta jain

| Dec 05, 2015

Hi Neha, thanx for encouraging me to use cloth nappies. My lil one is 2 mnth old n I used Cotton nappies till now but with onset of winters I shifted to nappy pads. I m a lil cconfused.. are u talking about the regular cotton nappies which I was using till now or the absorbent cloth diapers that r Now a days available in market. My question was relating to the absorbent one. My son used to cry a bit before he peed but in nights he usually sleeps through' it which is y I use disposable nappies at night.

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Neha Jain

| Dec 05, 2015

Hi shweta, firstly how old is your kid? Ever since my child was born I kept him on cloth diapers mainly. It helped me a lot on giving him toilet training since he was barely 4-6 days old. And believe u me he used to give indication when he had to pee or poop I used to put on pampers and libero only when we were to take him out to a doctor or some party, get-together etc. I have just starred using libero often now is because it's getting cold, and don't want him to catch cold as he is at day care as well. I would continue with cotton diapers once the summers are back and he would be back with his final toilet training. Because of his training in the initial days, he still does not like the soiled daiper for a long. He gets cranky and cries for a daiper change when he has soiled it. Decision of cotton Daipers is indeed a tough one as you have to really understand the indication that your kid gives you. You may have to mentally set an alarm to g et your kid to go to toilet and potty. So here's again Happy parenting

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