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Co-odination of mind n writing skills

Mansi Katkoria

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Dec 29, 2015

hi i m a mother of a 7 years old girl n i m going through a little tough time regarding her studies past 5 years have been teaching my daughter in a play full manner... but in the course of time while teaching her realised... that she is smart n grab also fast... but when it comes to writting... she is lost i mean to say.... suppose.. if i m taking a spelling test like" independent".. first she will give me oral spelling which is the right answer... immediately i tell her to write on paper... she get confused... n is not able to write at all this thing started last year... by the end of the year she completely lost her interest in studies i just cant figure out how to overcome this thing.. can u pls help me whom to consult.... how to develop her lost interest in studies

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Subrat Patra

| Nov 25, 2016

Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences and cognitive skills are the core skills required to process the information. Cognitive skills like Memory, Logical Thinking, Attention Span, Learning Ability are critical to performing any task, simple or complex. Cognition requires multiple areas of the Brain to function simultaneously. We at SochGenie are trying to address the core of learning and what better way than by playing games!!! We have launched the first version of the app which tries to map 20 different skills like Memory, Attention Span, Concentration, Decision Making, Evaluative Thinking, Logical Thinking and many more through a set of 4 simple yet engaging games. You can see your top 5 skills for each game and also the top 5 overall skills in the app. We will be launching our website soon which will highlight the complete set of 20 skills. And all this is COMPLETELY FREE! Pls do try and review the app at respective stores: Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mavin.sochgenie App Store- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sochgenie/id1058323160?mt=8&uo=4 Youtube- https://youtu.be/M_eox9mQM0k Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/SochGenie

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| Dec 29, 2015

Hi mansi! Please read the blog on "how to help your child improve concentration" on parentune. It may be of help. Also, it may help if you meet a child psychologist to also get an insight.

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