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Coconut Water-Yes or No?


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Mar 20, 2013

Is it okay to give coconut water to a nine month old? What other liquids can be given as summers are kicking in??

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| Mar 22, 2013

Coconut water is probably the most unadulterated natural drink.. If your child takes to it, nothing like it.

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Christina Edison

| Mar 21, 2013

i have been giving coconut / tender coconut water for my LO since she was 7 months.. not very frequently by twice a week or so.. it is a good source of electrolyte..

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| Mar 20, 2013

On a hot day, especially if you are out, tender coconut water is an excellent option to give your child. You may put some into your child's sippy cup instead of having him/ her use the shop straw. Plain water and home made juices are good, as Anurima has suggested. Sweet lime is usually a childhood favourite.

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| Mar 20, 2013

Hi Charanjot, in addition to coconut water you may also give your baby some home made fruit juices, smoothies (blended with a little yogurt), lassi etc but preferably without much added sugar. Once summer sets in, you could make some sorbets (pureed fresh fruit with some crushed ice) and give your baby once in a while (we do not want them to catch a cold) :)

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Tanuja Sodhi

| Mar 20, 2013

Hi Charanjot, Yes you could give coconut water to your 7-monther. Just be sure it is from a tender coconut (green). Also, offer very small quantity the 1st time. Watch for any allergenic reactions. If the child takes it well, you could give him more frequently.

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Sireesha Billakanti

| Mar 20, 2013

Hi Charanjot, I guess coconut water is a good option, but it is not advisable if your kid has cough as it increases cough.

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