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Cold and cough

Sushmita Nair

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Feb 10, 2016

Hi need suggestions for cold and cough for my 5 mth old son. He is sneezing cont wit running nose and refusing to take any feed.. Kindly suggest some good home remedy to relieve him of this as I dnt want to opt for alopathy medicine for him

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Shrutie Kher

| Feb 11, 2016

Put about 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil in a room steamer and let the room be full of steam ... Do this every 2 hours for 10 mins .. You will see a visible change in 24 hrs

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deepti chhikara

| Feb 11, 2016

Give lukewarm ajwain water 3 -4 time &massage with mustard oil warm and put 3-4 garlic and some ajwain. Boil all three and then massage on chest &back. After that put warm cotton on chest. It would work.

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