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Cold problem for 1 yr old baby

Mahashree Sivasankar

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Dec 27, 2015

Yesterday suddenly in the midnight my 1 yr old baby cried a lot... I feed her m which later he vomited in which I foundcold sputum. . so I guessed it must be due to blocked nose and gave his cold syrup suggested by paediatrician. What else we can do to this to reduce. He is not having running nose but its troubling u m from inside I guess.

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Neha Arya

| Jan 01, 2016

Take a pinch of nutmeg(jayfal) powder in mustered oil mix it well and rub it on your baby's palm,sole & on chest. He surely feel relaxed. If the problems continues take a good amount of ajwain and put it into a cloth make a potli and give a warm heat to baby's chest & back. Its surely relax your baby.

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madhuri patel

| Dec 28, 2015

U can apply camphor oil on baby chest and on top put beetel leaf then apply hot compression with cotton cloth. beetel leaf u will get in any paan shop. camphor oil u can prepare at home by adding four to five camphor in hot til oil or coconut oil. do it twice a day.. u will see the result in 2 days. it works wonder with my son.

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Mahashree Sivasankar

| Dec 28, 2015

Thanks Kriti.

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kriti sharma

| Dec 27, 2015

Hey... I k ow what m going to say will sound weird but I know it works wonders. Express some breast milk in a bowl. Apply some of it on her chest and then give her some hot compressions(sek). Also heat up some ajwain in a pan. Put it in a fine cotton cloth and while your baby is sleeping make her breathe the smell of it. Will help her in breathing and will also dissolve cough congestion.

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