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Preet Talreja

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Dec 12, 2015

My son is 9 months old.. And he is suffering from cold very frequently.. I give him nebulizer n nasomist.. What should be done else?? Please share your views..

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Preet Talreja

| Dec 13, 2015

Thanks dear.. Vl try it for sure..

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Nishi Sehmi

| Dec 13, 2015

You must keep him warm as much as you can. Heat mustard oil and put some garlic in the oil. Let the garlic change its colour to brown preferably black and than Rub the oil in his underarms, his neck,Chest, the soles of his feet and keep the areas fully covered. You can also try steam technique where you are supposed to keep your baby in your lap,take a vessel of steaming water near you and than cover yourself with a big bed sheet and take the steam for 2-3 minutes. This technique shall than open any blocks in your baby's system and keep him away from cold.

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