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Hemalatha Bachina

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Dec 23, 2015

My baby was born with fair skin but she become darker now. Is there anything I can do to change her complexion?

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bhavya v

| Dec 27, 2015

Same problem i m facing with.. till 15 days of birth she was fine later became darker in 2nd month.. Now she is in her 6th month showing slight changes but i m worried a lot

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krishna shekhar

| Dec 25, 2015

After massage apply masoor dal powder on the body and face. Let it dry and remove it with old while massaging. Add milk, n kesar to masoor dsl powder. It will be effective.

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Priyamvadha VijayShankar

| Dec 24, 2015

Hi, babies become dark in the first month and then regain their colour. You can try massaging with coconut oil. Use a mix of turmeric and split yellow peas powder (payatham maavu or moong dal powder) instead of soap.

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gayatri chadwa

| Dec 24, 2015

Check the products you are using.. I use masoor dal powder and haldi for bathing my baby.. it works wonders for complexion..

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Neelima Moganti

| Dec 24, 2015

Hi.. I heard that Johnson baby products are not suitable to babies these days .. Change them If you are using ..

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radhika tuniki

| Dec 24, 2015

You did not mention the age.... but anyhow previous complexion comes again... also take a look on he products u r using for baby... and see whether u can change them accordingly..

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