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Satabdi Roy

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Jan 11, 2017

my child 5 yers old. he can addition. number dictation. but school want to know his I. q level. they said his i. q is not normal. after testing his i. q ; the test report is below average results. I don't understand. ..what can I do for my child. pls help me.

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Shikha Batra

| Jan 11, 2017

hi Satabdi Roy! I understand your concerns. please don't be hassled. this situation can be dealt with tactfully. please consult a psychologist or a child counsellor who would help u with how to work on his weaknesses through his strengths. as u have mentioned he has difficulty even in communication, I believe his language development is also not according to his age. so u could get his IEP and work according to it with the help of a special educator or a tutor who could begin from basics and teach him according to his speed and response. the earlier the intervention the better it is. I am sure with your support and perseverance and teachers motivation as well as extra coaching he would come around soon.

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