Cough and Cold

Viji Ravi

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Feb 05, 2016

Hello all tell me sum home remedies for 4 months old baby cough and cold

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Heena Shahid

| Feb 07, 2016

Hot ajwain potli for clear nose congestion is the best remedy ....However u can use hot garlic mustard oil for massage

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vinila anoop

| Feb 05, 2016

Hey i thnk steam is the best option .also massage hs feet wid hot mustard oil at night.

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viji ravi

| Feb 05, 2016

Thank u pooja .I ll try

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Dr Pooja Attrey

| Feb 05, 2016

Hi there... four months is such a small age to try some famous home remedies.. however u can do some things which will relieve baby of congestion.. keep his head elevated so that breathing passages can have some space n he can HV clear air.. for thinning the mucus in chest,keep a thin layer of cotton wrapped in thin n soft cotton cloth.. it will keep his chest warm. also u can make ajwain/celery potli.... dry fry ajwain on tawa... n grind it ...keep it in a cotton Hanley... now make ur child smell it after some intervals... it will help clear congestion. Also u can apply Vicks on baby's feet at night n cover it in socks... This worked with my baby.

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