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Mar 29, 2014

Hi all, my daughter is coughing since 2 days badly. I have given all possible medicines to her but no result. She is 2 year old. Please advise

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Ankita A Talwar

| Apr 04, 2014

Hi Meenu, during a coughing fit, try making her lick some honey (ideally buy some good organic brand). honey coats the throats lining and eases irritation. And if it persists, check with the doctor. hope she gets better soon.

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| Mar 31, 2014

Dear Meenu, cough usually take some time to completely stop. To make your child feel comfortable, offer her some warm chicken or veg soup, warm rasam and luke warm water to drink. You may apply some Vicks on her chest, back and under her feet at bedtime to help her sleep better. Also try to avoid her exposure to sudden temperature change like going outdoors directly from an air conditioned room and vice versa. Hope she feels better soon.

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Parentune Support

| Mar 29, 2014

Hi Meenu! Here is a link to a similar parent talk that you may find relevant:http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/cold-cough-n-wheezing/750

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