Cranky Baby Before Sleep

Nabanita Roy

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Jan 05, 2016

Each and every time my baby feels sleepy she turns out to be cranky which is out of my control. Sometimes she continues this for hours.. She is only 2. 5 months old.. Please suggest how can I handle her..

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aanchal thacker kewlani

| Jan 06, 2016

Is it frequent my baby is the same age and becomes cranky 15 days in a month n what works with my son is that he listens to some ganpati mantras n poetries in my lap and calms down simultaneously with a soft hand jhula and then tries on his own to sleep when the sleep deepens in half or 1 hr max I put him to his bedding or another swing to sleep long when he is in half sleep I tie him tight with a cloth ....

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Shailaja NAVALE

| Jan 05, 2016

Hey try some soft music or some lullaby Put her in jhula even helps kids to sleep fast

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