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Dealing with kiddo having milk allergy n very fussy nature

sukhdeep Gondara

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Nov 25, 2015

Hello parents. I need ur help. ma kiddo is 14 months old n having severe cow milk protein allergy requiring hospital admissions along with severe atopic dermatitis. Doc has told to continue breast feed n give him more of solids .. but he s very fussy. I tried soya milk but he doesnt like it. Also Doesn't eat chapati or any vegetable. All he eat is rice n some fruits but in very small amount requiring frequent feedings. N in d nite he wakes up after every hr to demand breastfeed. It's very exhausting for me. i left ma job since he s born. Now i wanna rejoin but can't in dis situation. Also i vl hv to do nite duties once i join but seeing his nite feeding sessions it has become very difficult for me to join. m almost going into depression. Please share ur valuable suggestions. Can't ruin my career also can't let him suffer.

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| Nov 26, 2015

Hi Sukhdeep, Children around 14 months do become fussy about eating. it is a normal cyclical process where the growth of the baby goes down slightly and he doesn't require as much food. Having said that, you can consult a doctor also on this. Also, why don't your express milk. Expressed milk can be stored int he fridge upto 6-8 hours. It can be given to the baby through a spoon and katori or bottle which your husband or someone else at home can help with.

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