Development delay

Megha Tonk

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Sep 22, 2015

My son is 17 months old. He had started sitting since he was 11 n by his own in 14. He doesn't crawl or walk. He had bilateral club feet at the tym of birth. Now it's fn. He now started recognizing me n started playing. He follows some of my instructions like clap, hifi, hello, sit etc. He had started drinking with glass by his own, dat mad me very happy. I m happy with d improvement he is showing but concern abt his dela

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Megha Tonk

| Sep 26, 2015

Thanks a lot for ur suggestions. I do panic after reading random information on net. I will try not to follow dat.

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Megha Chawla

| Sep 22, 2015

Megha, i can so understand your happiness and excitement when he completes any milestone no matter big or small. Well I would just suggest you to consult your pediatrician to check if he is on track as far as his development is concerned, however as a fellow parent i can just suggest you two things i followed, dont keep other children around his as benchmark as each child develops differently also do not ready random information of the net and panic. Its best to know it from his pediatrician

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