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Apr 10, 2015

How safe is it to use diapers? I've got mixed opinions from ppl... Some ppl say its absolutely safe to use it on regular basis n some ppl don't recommend it at all. I have a 7 months old daughter. I use diaper for her once in a day during evenings for 5-6 hours. Is it fyn???

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| Apr 12, 2015

Sneha, Iv used diapers and Johnson's nappy pads for my daughter too and didn't have a problem at all. They make life easier for the parents. But take necessary precautions such as changing frequently, washing and wiping dry after each change etc. But discontinue, once your baby is old enough and her pee and poop routine gets set as at that stage, without the habit of diapers, it will become easier to potty train.

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Shikha Batra

| Apr 11, 2015

Hi Sneha! One needs to ensure that the brand u r using for your child suits her. U could take following precautions: 1. To avoid child's skin to come in direct contact with diaper, it is advisable to massage perineum area with oil (which suits the baby). 2. Frequently change diapers. 3. wash the perineum area with water or wipe it gently with wet tissue after using diaper. 4. Keep perineal area dry as far as possible. 5. Restrict frequent use of soap in this area to avoid allergies with harsh chemicals used in the soap as the skin is too soft in this area. Avoid too much dependence on diapers as it can cause nappy rash Or lead to allergies.

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