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Priya Manoj

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Jan 26, 2016

My prince s 5months. ,... He didn't poo for 2 days what should I do.... plz suggest me

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Niyati Bhivgade

| Jan 27, 2016

Hello Priya, Agree with Madhavi before giving any home remedy or medicine consult with paediatrician and whatever your son's Paedc prescribe that only you should give as they know history of your son but more than 5 days you should visit Paediatrician.

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Madhavi M

| Jan 26, 2016

Don't give any medicine at this age for poo. It's a common problem for kids , a few kids don't do poo regularly and even a week. My son he is in 6 months old he won't go for poo daily we are not using any medication for that. Don't worry about that. Wait for another 2-3 days without giving any medicine. Before start giving any medicine always pls check with the pediatrician don't use any home remedies bcoz it will effect on the stomach. Always check with the Doctor

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priya manoj

| Jan 26, 2016

Thanks niyati

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Niyati Bhivgade

| Jan 26, 2016

Hello Priya, Even my son now a days don't Poo for 3-4days. His Paediatrician told me to wait for 5days and then give 25ml Duphalec syrup 3times a day. Also his paediatrician told me the home remedy for the same- in 1spoon water dissolve 1cube of misri and give it to your baby. Duphalec syrup is also nothing but the suger syrup it regularise the motions in baby. Hope this will help you.

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