Disturbing father

Jayeeta Pal Das

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Nov 23, 2015

My elder daughter is very much attached to her father. When he comes from office or when he is at home on holidays she always disturbs him like talk to her or play with her or draw pictures for her or go for an outing. Sometimes he becomes irritated. I dnt understand how to tackle her so that she doesn't disturb him. Is it normal or her father overreacts?

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Shikha Batra

| Nov 23, 2015

Hi Jayeeta! Seeking attention from father is very much a normal behavior expected from a 3 year old . Girls seek affections of their fathers (electra complex) and boys of their mothers (Oedipus complex)according to neo freudian psychology. Also because u r occupied with yr Lil one,she feels insecure and this is her way of being assured that her parents still love her. I believe there is no harm in spending time with her and making her feel special. Playing indoor/outdoor games, teaching her in play way manner , doing activities like cutting,tearing or pasting and other age appropriate ones, most importantly praising/hugging her will definitely do away with some of her insecurities. also u could involve her in doing activities which are safe with her sister to develop a special bond between them. Hope this helps!

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