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Do not speaks in School


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Sep 20, 2013

Hi Friends, We are working couple. My son is 2. 5 yrs old & studying in Play Group.   At home he tell us all the poems, A to Z, 1-30. But his teachers complain us that he not speaks anything in school. I told him that why you not tell to teachers? Then he always says that tomorrow I’ll tell all to teachers. But again he not speaks at school anything. I am very afraid for his behavior. I also check that in school no one given any punishments to him. Currently his teachers gave only coloring in home work to all PG students. He not sits continuously. We have to give chocolates / told him that we are not going for walking with him (we are regularly go for walk at night) & etc... After spending 2-3 hrs like this he completed his 1 small picture. Teachers also tell us that please teach proper coloring to him. In school, students at his age do coloring very nicely. But he did not. Pls advise how I can help him.

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 20, 2013

Hi Mital! As a parent I can understand ur expectations from ur child but not all children are alike. some are shy, resrved and take time to open up especially in front of strangers. 2. 5 years of age is just the beginning of schooling life. The child is too small to understand what is expected out of him. The child is comfortable in home environment and knows the people present at home are not judging him whereas in school child Might take it as a task. All his actions are under a watch. He also watches other children some are doing pretty good. So may be he will take time to get accimatised to the school environment. It is advisable please appreciate him whenever at home he recites a poem, or does something good. This will give a boost to his confidence. Putting pressure on him to perform might make him further go to his shell. Please give him time to bloom. Shower ur love, praise n attention to him n watch him bloom in no time.

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