Does using breast pump reduce milk supply?


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Apr 28, 2015

Hi,   I'm using a breast pump to store milk but i've heard that use of breast pump reduces milk supply. Pls suggest, Is it safe to use breast pump and if yes, then how can it be used effectively? I am a working mom and have recently joined back so i'm really confused how to go about this. Friends please help me out.

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Renuka M

| Aug 20, 2015

It's just the old myth that using a breast pump reduces milk supply. In-fact, by pumping allows you to keep your milk supply up and also saves the new mother from the breast engorgement and the heaviness of breasts. It is also important to choose a right breast pump as per your needs and usage. If it is for occasional use, then you can go for manual breast pump, but as you are planning to join your office back, then your need to have a good Electric or battery operated breast pump. Select the phalanges or shields of the right fit for the nipples and place them correctly to avoid any irritation. There are a few good brands available in market like Phillips Avent, pigeon, medela, they also come with milk storage bags as well. You will get really good range of breast pumps to explore on http://www.firstcry.com/breast-feeding/2/37. At room temperature, breast milk can be good for a few hours after collection. Proper hygiene should be maintained throughout the process of pumping the breast milk into storage and feeding the little one. Breast pump cannot substitute the mother, so don't overuse the Breastpump. Once you're back home from the office, make sure you breastfeed your baby and enjoy those mother-baby bonding moment.

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| Apr 29, 2015

Hi Megha, on the contrary. infact, as i was told my by own gynaecologists, the more the body produces/expresses milk, the more it is stimulated to produce milk. so infact, expressing milk is a good idea as it will stimulate the glands to produce more milk and also relieve any undue pain and pressures in the breasts. hope this helps.

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Nita Sahni

| Apr 28, 2015

Megha- its completely safe and mom-friendly.

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Parentune Support

| Apr 28, 2015

Hi Megha, You may find this blog useful. Please read- http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/benefits-of-using-a-breastpump/495

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