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Dont like to eat dal

Aditi Mankad

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Oct 02, 2015

Hi all. My son is 2 year old now. But he doea not want to eaat dal. He likes to eat dal when he was. one year olld. But one day he found spicyness in dal so after thaat he never eata da. He just refuce it by just seeing it. Tell me what should i do to let make him eat dal

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Aditi Mankad

| Oct 02, 2015

Thanks a lot shikha. Will surely try this different recipes.

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 02, 2015

Hi Aditi! It's difficult to assess kid's mood. On one ocassion they would devour a dish and on other they would refuse to even stand mere sight of it. It is advisable to present it and prepare it in different innovative techniques for ex dal vada, sprouted dal salad , dry dal with zeera tadka, dal grounded with rice for dosa, dal as filling in tiki, cooked dal used in kneading the dough, dal pancakes,moth dal papdi, boiled dal such as urad moth chana etc as salads, red kidney beans (rajma) boiled and served as salad or as baked beans in tomato sauce or cooked rajma served with rice, dal in khichri or chana dal cooked with rice. So with little twist in yr recipes and innovative style of presentation, u could again make him enjoy yr preparations. Hope this works.

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