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Ear piercing

Payal Shah

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Nov 23, 2015

Can neone suggest what is the right age for ear piercing?? My daughter will cmplt 4mnths in week time... n which method is best traditional or gun shot?

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Darshana Naresh Jindam

| Nov 24, 2015

I had done my baby's ear piercing when she was two months old.. my baby didn't even cried for long and got normal very next day morning...

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| Nov 23, 2015

Traditionally ear piercing is done at 9 months ...

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Manju Adarsh Panikar

| Nov 23, 2015

hey the right time is now.. as the child is small his skin n muscles tend to be softer so she wont feel the pain but later on as her skin n tissues get tighter it ll give her pain... i too had done my dolls ear piercing thru gun shot from a good ped and tat too wen she wsa 6 months old n trust me she didnt ever cry or had pain after tat mild shooting pain while piercing ...this will help her...

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shilpa ghosh

| Nov 23, 2015

5yr... gunshot

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