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Dipti Singh

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Oct 02, 2014

My daughter is 4 n half yr old,,, she takes 2 hrs to eat food,,, eat everything which i serve her ,, but take way too long to finish her lunch ,, dinner, even breakfast n milk,, i tried all the possible things to deal with this,,Shez got a very bad habit of not chewing the food ,, she keeps the bit in the mouth n forgets.. what should I do???

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| Oct 08, 2014

Hi dipti. I have seen the same problem with my friends son and i could help him. first, ensure your daughter has no throat or tooth aches. Second take her to some park and make her run for a longer time. Give her banana there only and observe the time. I used to keep chapati in my mouth and show my friend son how to swallow. First front teeth then side jaws like this. Because we give them mashy food most of the times and not many kids can learn how to swallow. Show her cows ,the way they ruminate grass. Initial days the meal time would be longer,but you will know how to manage. all the best.

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| Oct 07, 2014

Hi Dipti, It happens with all children so don't worry, you are not alone. But you will need to take corrective steps right away. Make her sit with the family and eat. when meal time is over, even her plate should be cleared off. This will instill into her the concept that there are fixed times to finish off your food. Also, let her eat as much as she wants. Ask her before serving her. Gradually you can increase the quantity. And Do not serve her food while distracting her with the TV or a phone. Let her taste and enjoy food.

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| Oct 07, 2014

HI Dipti Singh, This is a common problem these days. Even I have been through this. And I agree with Ankita here that it is more a parents problem than children. If we keep running after them with a plate of food, they will never learn discipline and will think it is okay to play with food. Become strict with her food habits. Give her a small serving first and get her to finish it off in a decent time limit. This will boost her confidence also and make food enjoyable. Once she is finished that, offer more but only if she wants. If she delays food too much, remove the plate and let her miss her meal. She will miss meals 2-3 times but then will realise it and listen to you. Do not worry about her going hungry. She will eat but you will need to become strong.

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Ankita A Talwar

| Oct 07, 2014

Dipti Singh, Is she involved in some other activity while eating for eg: watching TV or Ipad? If that is the case, you must first wean her off the gadget. Do not give her food when she is watching TV. Tell her to finish food and then she can watch. She might cry, throw a fit, or go hungry, but you will need to firm up. Secondly, become firm with the meal times. Offer her a small quantity and ask her to finish it. Remove the plate when she starts to dilly dally. In the beginning she might go hungry a few times, or a few days, but once she understands, that mummy is not going to give me food if i don't behave properly, she will come around. Ensure she has meals with the family together so that she learns table behaviours such as finishing food off her plate from looking at others. Most experts also say that this is not a problem of the children, but of the parents. We as parents do not fix boundaries and are indulgent and as a result children start taking things for granted. hope this helps.

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