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Praveen Premkumar

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Jun 14, 2012

Just read, that if you want your child to eat veggies specially the one that they dont like, then maybe smiling while they eat the same would help. Seems children emotionally connect to such positive vibes...   I think i should try this this evening...

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| Jun 26, 2012

and also be prepared to be " Spat at " - my baby girl would spit out anything she did not appreciate and believe me it was a projectile which if you were not careful would land at every possible place on your body.... thankfully she is now almost six and eats whatever gets cooked at home...

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Isha Mitra

| Jun 26, 2012

i agree to u both.. its very imp to create a positive n encouraging environment for them specially when trying new stuff of making them eat things they dont appriaciate or like.. try making it in an interesting form, praise them if they try, try eating it with them.. and if they still dont want it dont force try it a few months later.

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| Jun 26, 2012

I agree there has to be a fun angle to most of the non appealing stuff that we want them to do and once we endorse it automatically puts a very positive feel in their little heads but you know what .... if they really don't want to eat something they WILL NOT.... and one should be prepared to accept even that ... with time they might come around or might not but its for us to wait and see...

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