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Payal Ganguly

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Nov 29, 2015

Hiii I am worried about my daughter school admissions. now she is 10 month but please help me when we'll go for admission what type of questions asking her mother??and my big problem is I can't speak English...... so this is the big issue for my daughter's future?

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| Nov 30, 2015

A little too early. Give it some time, still at least 9-10 months before you look at evaluating a preschool. :)

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Shikha Batra

| Nov 29, 2015

Hey Payal! How r u ? I see no issues with yr English. You seem to be quite good at expressing yrself. There is no point in worrying about admission process now as there is still lot of time to go through that. I would advise you to focus on raising yr girl and help her become a confident, smart and a good human being. Focus on activities which are appropriate at this age for her which would help her in cognitive, language, social as well as her overall development. I am sure when it will be time for you and yr angel to go through that process, u both will do quite well. hope this helps!

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Payal Ganguly

| Nov 29, 2015

She is 10mnth

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