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Enlarge adenoid

Navdeep Kaur

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Sep 30, 2015

My daughter is 5. 8 years old and having enlarged adenoid,tonsils and bronchitis . I want to know what type of diet should b given to her and what to do for her wellness

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navdeep kaur

| Oct 01, 2015

Thanks shikha g

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Navdeep! Adenoid tissue may temporarily swell as it tries to fight off infection. You could try avoid certain food items such as cold food or cold drinks. U could also refrain the child from consuming fried foods ,sour or spicy things such as pickle, ketchups, packed juices, chips, food from outside etc. What you could give to your child instead is hot soups with vegetable stock which gives a soothing effect, tea with 1/2 inch cut piece of ginger, pepper corns, one or two kernels of black cardamon which is boiled and strained before serving or give honey with ginger extract one or two drops just once in a day. U could also try giving roasted haldi in milk. try giving water at room temperature or lukewarm water to drink. child can also gargle with lukewarm water with a pinch of salt twice or thrice in a day. For medication u could consult yr pediatrician. Wish yr child speedy recovery!

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navdeep kaur

| Oct 01, 2015

Plz reply the post

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