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Khushbu T Kumar

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Feb 26, 2016

My baby is one month old and from yesterday my baby is not sucking nipples, donno why my breast are not producing proper quantity of milk. I have given her cow milk but bit worried about milk production.. please suggest sumthng

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sriyamuna Lawrence

| Feb 26, 2016

Hi.. First, pls keep urself calm for better milk secretion.. have foods that would help in increasing the milk secretion like protein rich food, garlic, jeera.. And if u r a non vegetarian, try to have mutton and fish to improve milk secretion. Pls don't give cow's milk now.. If still, milk production is not sufficient, consult ur pediatrician.. He would suggest some good formula milk.. But don't loose hope.. Allow ur baby to suck frequently.. So that milk production will be normal.. Happy parenting

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