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Sep 05, 2014

My son is 28 months old and he is extremely fussy eater and he never sits down and eat a meal with my family I have to feed him apart and with tv on Please suggest some ideas 

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Ankita A Talwar

| Sep 06, 2014

Hi Sakshi, Make family dinner times fun for him; interact with him, ask him questions. Show him how much fun it can be to sit with the family. Also, do not serve him a meal in front of the TV. You will have to communicate to him that a 'no' means a 'no'. He might go hungry a couple of times, cry a few times, but will gradully listen to you. Have patience and be persistent. This is the standard rule. hope this helsp

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| Sep 06, 2014

Hi Sakshi, he is at the right stage of disciplining. You must become a little tough and stop feeding him in front of the TV and insist he eats with the family. It might take him a couple of weeks to get it right. In the beginning, he might resist, not eat food at all, throw tantrums, eat a few bites and then run away etc.... but just be tough. He will eventually come around. Hope this helps.

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Parentune Support

| Sep 05, 2014

Hi Sakshi, Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We understand your concern. While you receive suggestions and inputs from fellow parents on parentune, in the meantime, here are blogs which deals with the concern area mentioned by you and may be of help- http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/feeding-tricks-how-to-deal-with-fussy-eaters/149 and http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/never-fail-again-with-a-fussy-eater8-tips-to-make-children-eat/401

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