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Feeding of one and half year baby

Harini L

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Dec 14, 2015

Hi my daughter is 1 and half year old. She is not eating food properly. Trying out with new recepies. But no use. Especialy not eating rice at all. Want to know soultion

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Loveena Khithani

| Dec 18, 2015

Even my son is 15 months old nd does not eat nothing...

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Pooja Kakoty

| Dec 17, 2015

I am also facing the same problem... my baby is 14:months old... she don' t want to eat anything... I consulted with my doctor.. he said its not a matter of worry.. its very normal at this age

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Shelly Joseph

| Dec 17, 2015

Same here.. pls help

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Priya Singh

| Dec 16, 2015

Hi my daughter is one year ...she can't eat properly... She is under wait plz help me

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Vikas S

| Dec 16, 2015

Are you trying different food texture?

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| Dec 15, 2015

Im also facing d same ...

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Veronica Fernandes

| Dec 14, 2015

I am facing exactly the same problem

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