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Parminder Kaur

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Oct 02, 2015

Hello everyone. I am mother of 4. 5 months old twin boys. My babies weight 7. 5 kg and 7 kg. Their birth weight was 2. 25 kg. They are growing on normal rate. But they are on breastfeed exclusively. They reject bottles and top feed. Since there is 1. 5 month to go for starting solids. Can anyone suggest what should I do to give them formula. Since I think my milk will not be enough for both of them.

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| Oct 03, 2015

congratulations on your twins.. i am myself mother of 6 month old twin.. i fed them breast milk along with one formula feed per day... my doctor had adviced to not formula or else later they will not accept formula... i do not think your milk will ever be less... you can exculsively continue with breast milk for 5 months n strt solids... our body produces milk according to demand... you eat healthy.. all the best.

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 03, 2015

Hi Parminder kaur! U r doing a great job! Being a mother of two kids myself I can understand how difficult it is to raise them especially when they are twins. Though doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding for first six months for its obvious advantages such as it defends against ear infections,allergies,diarrhea and other chronic ailments,it is completely ur personal decision to continue with exclusive breastfeed or begin with formula feed. Formula feed is a nutritious alternative for breastfeed but it offers many challenges too such as it is heavy to digest,requires regular and proper cleaning as well as sterilization of bottles as well as teats, lacks antibodies and is a costly option. U can try again and again if u wish to begin with formula feed and with repeated attempts and less availability of breastfeed they might tend to like it. Hope this helps!

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