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Fish oil supplements for kids

Taruna Khanijow

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Nov 05, 2015

I am reading about omega3 rich sources since quite sometime. I have few questions from experts of Parentune and coparents. Fish is the best source of omega3 oil but whatif someone is vegetarian. Flaxseeds is a good source for omega3 but it provides only ALA not EPA and DHA which we get from fish only. My questions are: Should we give fish oil supplements to my kiddo of age 3? If yes, which brand should I buy? Many supplements are available on different websites. From where should I buy? How much quantity should I give at age 3?

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| Nov 06, 2015

Fish oil supplements are of importance from the the time of conception right till our senior years. However the source matters as Today numerous toxins are dumped into our seas hence beware of mercury contamination in Fish oil products. I use Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 from Holistic Health. Call 9967923106 for more info.

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