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Flat head

Indu Singh

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Jan 25, 2016

My baby is 5 months old. She has flat head. I searched on internet and found out that she has plagiocephaly. Is it possible to treat this in india. I live in chandigarh. I searched that there are helmets used for treating this in abroad. Are they available in india. Plz guide me for treatment regarding plagiocephaly. Is there anybody whose child or some known has same problem and if yes plz tell me about treatment.

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Teena Sharma

| Feb 01, 2016

Better consult ur baby doc first as my doc said till d baby starts sitting or has full control on his head he wl have this problem

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Shim Roz

| Jan 27, 2016

plz consult the doctor before cmn to any conclusion n moreover babies head rounds up till 1yr

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namrata chanan

| Jan 26, 2016

Did doctor diagnosed the plagiocephaly

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