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Food chart for fussy eater

Aditi Mankad

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Oct 05, 2015

Hi all. My 2 year old son is a very fussy eater. He needs to eat evsry 2 to 3 hours. And evey time he needs something new. I want food chart fod him in a way that i caan hide vsggies and dal.

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Priyanka Baragade

| Oct 07, 2015

Vey helpful info thnk u all

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Aditi Mankad

| Oct 05, 2015

Thank u so much shalini ad sowmya. I will surely try.

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| Oct 05, 2015

I have a fussy eater too :( I usually puaree most of the vegs and add to dosa/idli batter. Also, I make chapathi dough using the purees.... so, each day the colour of the chapathi is different and my son is interested to eat!!!!

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| Oct 05, 2015

Hi aditi.. even my son is also very fussy in foods. He is going to complete 5 in December. He mostly try new dishes for him. He likes pizza very much bt i make bread pizza wth whole wheat bread and lots of vegetables. U can also try dal ka paratha,rawa uttapam with choped veggies inside, oats upma, daliya etc. In all these receipes u can use veggies of ur choice. Hope it will help.

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