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Varsha Khatri

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Sep 11, 2015

Hello everyone, My daughter is 2 year old, she don't won't to eat anything. She starts crying as soon as she sees her food... She is nt at all interested in food. Please help.

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Sugandha Sharma

| Nov 23, 2016

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| Oct 24, 2015

Hi Varsha, Ms, Batra has suggested excellent ways to try out. My daughter too is 2 years old and I had also tried a few of these from her 15th month and they worked out. I also tried giving her dried ginger (sukhu in tamil) powder, in very lttle amounts, twice a week. this has increased her appetite and also her eating habits improved. Let ur daughter intake atleast half a liter if water everyday, it can be in the form of fresh fruit juice or soups or just plain water. this also improves their appetite.

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 12, 2015

Hi Varsha! It seems u just narrated my story. I as a child used to be a poor Eater and made my Mom go through equally hard times and I am sure she must have tried every possible thing on earth to feed me. I am sure u too must have been trying hard to make Kripa hAve meals which could meet her nutritional requirements. try out following methods: 1. I can understand it is difficult to control tempers especially when yr child is starving but avoid scolding or shouting at yr child. If one strategy that can one work in this case it's LOVE. 2. Don't serve food to yr child. Eat yr self something colorful, attractive, healthy. while eating just talk to yrself to make her listen for ex" wow! This smiley shaped Idli or poha is yummy, oh GOd this is going to get finished. I wish i had made little more" and then pretend eating it. i am sure I might be sounding mean but the more u would run after yr child,the more she will run away from u. Make yr child come to u by alluring her by reading out a story to her from a picture book. Once she is there,let her taste on her own from yr plate. And give her the plate. She might like it. Once i tried sponge Bob squarepant's sandwich with my child with steamed veggies decoration and cheese aloo filling. Since then there has been constant demands to make it every other day. 3. Praise her for trying. Give smileys and stars on her fists, cheeks etc. 4. Make pizza or pasta or noodles in yr own healthy style at home. 5. give dish an innovative cartoon character name say " hello kitty uttapam" or "yummylicious dora's favorite pasta". u can also ask her to label it after tasting 6. Serve in attractive plates with her favorite cartoon characters. 7. Children like to imitate adults. So have a plate for yrself and keep on saying "hmmmm! Yummy, mindblowing!". 8. take her help in cooking food without fire like fruit chaats or salads etc. give this dish a name " kripa's mouth watering fruit chaat". 9. Click pics with her innovations and display it on the wall. I am sure soon she would be running after u to make her favorite dishes rather than running away from food.

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