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Monika Boddu

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Nov 11, 2015

Hi everyone, Can someone suggest me food for 15months old baby... For breakfast I give idly ,dosa ,weetbix and lunch rice with lentils and some veggies... but my baby is bored of that food.. and she is not eating at all. . Can someone e suggest me some different varieties Thanks in advance

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archana j

| Nov 25, 2015

i give my one year old sagoo flour upma. or suji upma and khichadi mix with veggie. u can also give ur child aloo paratha with no chilli. also u can give sweet appam or sweet potato pancake, banana pancake

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Athira Akhil

| Nov 11, 2015

1) Oats Upma with veggies . They are rich in fibres. 2) puttu with cherupayar ( green gram ) ( a south indian breakfast ) By 15 months, many babies are more interested in chasing little round O's around the tray than they are in eating baby cereals. Fortified cereals without added sugar, artificial coloring or salt are best for your baby. Most babies can eat rice, pasta and other grain side dishes; choose whole-grain varieties whenever possible.

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Subbarajani Kristam

| Nov 11, 2015

Same with my baby too. And I give exactly what you are giving. Try adding some kind of tomato rasam or even Dal with very less spice. And I request the others to suggest some different kind of foods so that even I can follow.

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