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Food supplement dose for below 12 months baby

Shatabdi Saha

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Nov 25, 2015

How much amount of Zincovit/ multi vitamins should be given to a baby who is below 12 months( mine is 3 months old) ? I have consulted 2 doctors, one has told to given 6 drops/ day, other suggested for 1 ml/ day. After giving 1 ml/ day, her weight is increasing like 1 kg/ week, I am pretty much confused what to do, the doctor also given separately vitamin D drops (1ml).

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Harika Jakka

| Nov 26, 2015

Hi Saha , these multi-vitamin drops should be given for 1yr .As ur lo is 3months old u can give .5 ml per day in two divided doses .there will be no problem in giving these drops

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Payal Shah

| Nov 26, 2015

Wen babies do nt gain weight on mothers milk this drops r suggested.. ask ur doc y is it necessary wen u r bf ur baby n hez gaining weight on ur milk

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| Nov 26, 2015

Hi Shatabdi, considering your baby is only 3 months, she should be on breastmilk only. On breastmilk, for the baby to gain this much weight seems a little unnatural. Go in for a medical opinion.

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