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Divya Shah

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Jan 29, 2016

My daughter is 1. 5 years old she is still not walking as her all teeth came out. she is just crawling not able to stand by herself, if we hold his hand than only able to walk.. i m much worried about her. In walker she is running but by herself she is afraid. She is not drinking Milk also. As I am a working Women feeding was left and she is not having habit of bottle also. So please suggest me In compare to milk which food i should Provide her and when she will able to walk.

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| May 23, 2016

We never put baby in walker though we had one which neighbour gave. The baby puts pressure on Waller to walk and when left to walk independently she fails to walk because that support isn't there. Give her daily warm oil massage preferably with Dabur Lal tel and give her calcium tonic after checking with doc. Help her walk by herself and u give her support while walking. She will definitely walk. This is what I did. Hope this helps u.

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Nisha Wadia

| Mar 31, 2016

Try variety in food. Give khichdi, dal-roti, pauva, upma, wheat thuli.... dont add red chilli. But u can add salt n turmeric powder. My baby loves this way. N ya pauva n upma as we eat but less spicy.

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| Jan 29, 2016

Dont worry she will start walking soon

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