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Saranya Duraisami

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Oct 07, 2015

Hi.. my boy is in his 4 th month.. im giving him only mother feed and sometimes water... but now a days he is not drinking milk properly.. instead playing a lot.. he become thin.. im worried about this.. but other things are all normal... playing well.. sleeping good.. peeing is also normal.. what shall i do to make him to drink more milk?

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saranya duraisami

| Oct 08, 2015

Thank you nikita sis

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| Oct 08, 2015

Hi Saranya, It is a natural growth pattern of children when they start exploring other things around them and feeding becomes a secondary priority. Like you have mentioned, if the other things are normal, then don't worry about him looking thinner. If his weight is ok, then don't stress. It is important developmental stage of the child when he wants to play more than feed. Also, remember, unlike adults, a child will not be able to suppress his hunger and will feed when hungry. So enjoy and relax.

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