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Maitry Katwala

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Feb 03, 2016

My beby girl is 5 the mnth old running 6 the .she is taking only feeding. when I give her food... lit confused.... plz help .....

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Anupama Sheregar

| Feb 03, 2016

Dear Maitry dis stage comes in every new mom life n v r always confused... since ur baby is abt to turn 6 mths jst start feedin her in routine daily.. Since babies cn jst cry fr food v hv to judge wen n wat to feed dem aftr proper intervals.. To start wid u cn gv 1-2 meals like dal water, veggie purees, apple/pear mash, banana or chikoo mash along wid milk feeds full day.. ince she gets used to increase it to 3 times n include varieties... Hope dis helps njoy motherhood its tirin I knw bt still v love to do xtra fr our babies..

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