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Formula milk along with other fruits

Siddharth Singhvi

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Dec 06, 2015

Hello guys my kid is 6 mnths and few days old my wife feels her breastfeeding is not enough for him he is hungry every hour and he has not gained much weight.. we have started with apple banana and khichidi but some how we feel he needs more so we are thinking of starting with formula milk .. he is almost 7 mnths old .. is there any advice you guys could help us with :) thank you

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radhika tuniki

| Dec 06, 2015

U can even try small portions of mashed potato.. which helps the baby to gain weight..

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| Dec 06, 2015

I think you could have two portions of food per day. One being khichdi with some vegetable like carrot, papaya and one being fruit. I have seen if you make thin puree and make it warm by baby has it happily and takes more amount

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