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Payal Yadav

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Nov 05, 2015

Hi my 4 months daughter is not having formula milk Can I give mother dairy double tonned milk. is it safe?

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Swati Sudan

| Nov 05, 2015

Pls take advise from ur Dr. Before giving any milk. I think they will prefer u some other formula milk, sometimes baby did not like formula milk, but now in mkt many types formula milk available. Pls concern with ur Dr. They will advise u better from us.

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Harshitha Rao

| Nov 05, 2015

No pls dont give any other packaged milk to ur child. It mayb cows or bufallos milk. They contain preservatives and also cause allergies. Start formula slowly. Till 6m exclusive breast feeding is adviced. Depending on the weight gain and childs demand u can start formula, as adviced by pediatrician.

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