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Frequent cold n cough

Priyanka Malode

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Jan 05, 2016

Every month she suffers from cold n I end giving antibiotics,which is not good for health,please provide a solution to avoid frequent cough n cold. she is going to school that is also could be a reason for infection quickly..

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| Jan 06, 2016

Hi Priyanka. Research has shown that children below the age of 6years catch a cold up to 8 times a year! Common cold is normally caused by virus, hence antibiotics do not effectively treat a cold. What I do with my kids when they have a cold (which feels like all year round) is practice proper hygiene,change wash their bed linen often, wash clothes more, use a hand sanitizer when washing of the hands is not possible and the like. In addition to these, I let the viral run its course, which usually lasts for 5 days with fever. I treat the fever with a normal Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, give them home made chicken or veg soup, use vicks especially at night and give them each a warm bath everyday, which greatly helps with the congestion. Hope this helps!

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