Frequent cold n cough

Arpita Mahajan

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Feb 22, 2016

Hi friends.. we hv twins daughter. they r 1. 6 yrs old. one of them suffers frm recorrent cold ,cough n fever.. I m tired of giving elopathic medicines to her.. she is loosing her stamina. plz suggest some gharelu nuskhe or medicines so that she doesn't fall sick again n again. thanks..

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kirti agarwal

| Feb 26, 2016

My daughter is also having cold and cough problem. She is 1. 6 yr. I give her warm water with Tulsi boiled it in throughout the day.. it really works.. keep ur daughter's feet and ears covered in breeze.. during chest congestion boil jaggery in water and add pinch of sweet soda while giving table spoon to ur daughter.. All cough Wil come out in vomit

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manisha bahuguna

| Feb 24, 2016

Home remedies are, give her cloves ( powder form) with honey before sleeping. Boil 1 cup water with ginger, garlic, tulsi leaves, honey, cloves, give this to your daughters 3-4 times a day, but do not use this for the next day. the former remedy do this daily will surely work. Tulsi water is good for immunity. do all this you will definitely find it helpful.

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| Feb 23, 2016

Hello dear, check out if she is allergic to something like dust because of which she is getting cold frequently and avoid same. Try to keep her covered mainly chest and ears. Give her warm mustard oil with garlic massage at night. If she is having breastfeed, then you can take turmeric milk at night before going to sleep. Turmeric is very good antibiotic. If possible give your daughter also the turmeric milk. Hope this helps.

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| Feb 22, 2016

This is the same problem my 4 years daughter facing... And giving her allopathic medicine frequently... Her stamina and immunity suffers... But now I switched to homeopathy... It takes time but there is minimal side effect... Arpita u can go for this... along with gharelu nuskha...

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