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Frequent vomiting and burping for my daughter(3 months)

Shatabdi Saha

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Nov 20, 2015

My daughter is around 3 months old. since last 1 week she is vomiting and burping at a frequent interval. she is only taking the breast milk. we have consulted the doctor and he have told that it is due to gas in her stomach and have asked to take colicaid drops for next few days. also doctor told us that she is having mild cough and for that also she is taking medicine. She has already started the medication but still the vomiting have not reduced. just wanted to know if this behavior of her is normal or not. did anybody faced this kind of issue before. any leads on this will be really helpfull.

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Shatabdi Saha

| Nov 21, 2015

Thank you Mohanapriya, can you please let me know how to make jeera water, I mean is it with whole jeera or jeera dust I need to boil water ?

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Mohanapriya J

| Nov 21, 2015

Hi, Even my son had the same problem.. Even after burp he would vomit.. It would be better if u could eat or drink anything that helps for digestion.. Eg drink jeera water or eat beetle leaves so that it would help for digestion..

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