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Dr Ritu Kumari Gupta

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Sep 15, 2015

Daries of mother 1. Ok i except am stay at home mother. I have no choice. my baby still small and on my feed and no one ready to take care of him. Also there is lot of house hold to do and i cant afford a full time maid and nanny. Also i dun have such a big heart to leave my baby alone with nanny. i wana see him grow every day . Wana take care of his health nutrition. Teach his discipline .wana help him academically. play with him and lots more which i know no one else than a mothet can. i wana be there for him after he comes to school to listen all he has done in school. Wana help him with his home work. prepare healthy and tasty food. 2. I m am working women have a baby 8 months old i have to leave him with her grandma. My friends say i dont have heart . My baby needs me and am busy making my career. But no one can understand how difficult it is for my to leave my heart behind. but i cant help. I want to gove my child everything.. and for this i jave to wwork and earn as living in metro is not so easy. You need money to raise your child

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Dr Ritu Kumari Gupta

| Sep 16, 2015

right kalpana and thats what i wanted to tell by my post.. no need to feel inferior.. no need to pay attention what others say do what you feel is best. mother is a mother and she is an achiever

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| Sep 16, 2015

Hi Ritu, In both the situation, a mother will be a mother. Always thinking of her child's better future, doing best for her child whether she is at home with the child or at work away from the child. People will think what they have and no one can stop them from doing that. Housewives will say working women have no heart, they don't care fro their children and working women will say housewives are making their children dependent on them, not giving exposure to their children which is a need of the hour. So every mother should do whatever she feels best for her child.

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