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Neha Netragaonkar

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Apr 21, 2014

Hi all. My son is 3. 5 yrs old. He is pretty much a fussy eater wen it cums to eating Chapati Sabzi n Daal Rice which is d basic food which v should hv everyday. He loves parathas though. So i make a lot of Parathas like paneer, cheese, green leafy veggies, aalu. He also loves cutlets. I make cutlets of beetroot, corn, paneer, carrots, green peas n coated with egg instead of suji(rava). He also likes dosa n uttappa. He also loves fruits but eats only in vry small quantity, n drinks plenty of coconut water in summers. Sometimes all d veggies cannot be put in cutlets and parathas. I want him to get into d habit of eating chapati sabzi daal rice also. He only eats completly non spicy food( only namak n haldi n without chilli or chili powder) So if v go to someone else house he will go hungry n keep geting cranky bt wil not eat even mildly spiced food. Pls tel me hw do i make him eat.

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Parentune Support

| Apr 21, 2014

Hi Neha! Here is a link to similar parent talk and a parenting blog that you may find relevant: http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/fussy-eater/820 http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/never-fail-again-with-a-fussy-eater8-tips-to-make-children-eat/401

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