Raksha Iyer

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Dec 15, 2015

Hello all.. my baby is going to be five months... she cries while passing gas sometimes.... i am breastfeeding her along with formula... can anyone tell the reason of her cry? Also remedy for gas.... thanx

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raksha iyer

| Dec 16, 2015

Thanx all... i am doing all the above mentioned... its helping alot.... Actually after every vaccination she becomes crankier and more gassy i dont know whether its bcoz of shots or what... and after 4 days she comes back to normal... thanks all for all the support

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jasmin kachroo

| Dec 16, 2015

Hi... you can also give Himalaya's Bonissan... Its a great syrup for children suffering from Colic and it also helps them in digestion and has no side effects . You can try it

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Anuradha H

| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Raksha, In addition to Pooja's suggestions, you can do these. 1) Put the baby on her back. Cycle her legs slowly. This puts pressure on her abdomen and releases gas. 2) Burp the baby well after each feed especially after bottle feeds.

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| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Raksha. Babies sometimes feel pain in stomach and chest since gas can be trapped up and they may have gas pains. This is known as colicky. They cry as that'd the way they communicate with us. Formula milk tends to have more gas problems as far as I have faced with my baby. U can try the below : 1. Apply castor oil on navel and massage lightly around the navel and lower tummy. This relieves if there is pain and also releases trapped gas. 2. Has ur baby rolled over yet? If not try to put baby on tummy for 10 mins daily. This relieves gas. Tip: keep alot of toys around on floor so baby vl be enthusiastic to play. 3. I give colicaid drops as prescribed by my ped. Pls consult ur doctor and ask for some drops in case baby cries out so much. Happy parenting!

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