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Shivani Kulkarni

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Dec 03, 2013

Hi Friends,   When it was my 2 yr old sons bday, I had read about the review for Eddy Peddy. That time I had liked it and purchased it. But now my elder daughter who is 9 yrs old is expecting a similar gift on her birthday. Can anyone help me with a nice, useful and attractive option?

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| Dec 09, 2013

hi! shivani, if you are not too streached on the budget , you could get her a camera of her own ... (if she already does not have one)

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Shivani Kulkarni

| Dec 05, 2013

thanks for your inputs Meenambigai... :)

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Meenambigai Rajesh

| Dec 04, 2013

Hi Shivani, one of my choice is MP3 player or an iPod sort. We gifted one to our daughter. She enjoys it a lot. Keeping her own collection of songs , getting it downloaded and hearing during travel etc is real fun for her. Also u can think about gifting a camera. Kids will like to take photos on their own. When we see their clicks we will be amazed at their interests and likes. If she is creative u can try bead studio kit or any collection from hobby ideas. Girl kids love to do those in their own style. It will be a food for their creativity.

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